NuShares up 6300% in 6 months


On December 5th of 2018, NuShares bottomed out at $0.000017 USD as documented on coinmarketcap. Today NuShares are $0.001079. For the lucky investor who bought at the bottom, that is a 6347% return. The bid for NuShares was below $0.0001 for more than two months, giving ample opportunity for spectacular returns. NuShares were designed to be especially volatile. The volatility the market would normally impose on our stablecoins is diverted to NuShares, giving them more volatility than most cryptoassets. Due to low liquidity, NuShares have been more volatile than they should be. This means investors buying in at the bottom can make even larger profits. Throughout the recent bottom for NSR and USNBT, some have asked if Nu is dead. My answer has always been no, and that while risks are high, potential investment rewards are tremendous. As you can see from the chart below, NuShares had one other extended bottoming where people were asking if the project was dead, only to reach a new high. I don’t know what will happen in the immediate future, but you can see there is certainly a breakout in the NSR price currently. While up 6300% from its bottom in December, it is still only 3.8% of its peak value in early 2018. This means huge gains can still be made by buying NSR. Of course, we hope NSR exceeds its previous peak price of $0.02865 soon. It is certainly possible. It will take increased interest from investors such as BarterTrade, the cultivation of partnerships and the restoration of the peg. History has proven NSR has this extreme volatility and remarkable profits can be made in a short time.