Nushares tipping and the future contribution reward!

First of all i admire lee’s efforts to distribute Nushares as good as possible to insure the network decentralization and holders commitment, as an un-banked person with very limited accessibility to cryptocurrencies i find this early adopting kind of hard, but i can’t complain since i didn’t contributed to the project by any other means yet.

But as Jordan lee is about to finish distributing Nushares, i am concerned about the accessibility of the network shares for the future committers and important partnerships.

Many committers will be interested in the shares rewards rather than Nubits and other coins, speccially if the Nushares demand is growing and the price are rapidly rising, but tipping with Nushares will interrupt and delay minting and requires some management to keep some change out of minting to tip with.

Another option is voting on new generated Nushares but i personally don’t prefere it.

So how can the network manage to reward future committers and strategic partners after the the full distribution of Nushares, is this early adopting “buying” is the only way to be a part/increase someone’s relative share of Nu ?

It’s certainly conceivable that some portion of the undistributed shares could be acquired by a custodian who would grant them “in trade” for future work. The (initial) challenge that I see is addressing the questions of “how many shares” and “what’s a fair rate of distribution for different kinds of work”?

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The idea behind this initial distribution is to find talented partners that can help grow the Nu ecosystem. If the market price is 0.0071 USD (currently) and the undistributed price is 0.0050 USD (currently), there is a strong incentive for prospective business partners to approach Jordan with proposals for services, as the potential business partner gains access to an immediate increase in asset value.

The Nu network will still be able to reward people in the future through dividends and NSR price appreciation. If the market price is 0.0071 USD and a potential business partner thinks that his involvement might raise the price to 0.0100 USD, he will purchase NSR on the open market and contribute to the ecosystem. The artificially low rates on undistributed NSR are just an initial bootstrapping method to ensure we generate “talent momentum” early on.


I can’t think in any other way than voting !

Both dividends and NSR price appreciation would relatively reward all the shareholders, may be this partner will be rewarded the least as the prices increases, open market also can temporarily raises the price as this partner tries to buy NSR, I also can imagine some cases when this partner is ready to cut his bussiness profits on Nubits to increase its competitive advantage, but shareholders then have to contribute in this partnership by selling him NSR lower than the market price or even tipping him, or why would he do it if he will benefit the least.