NuShares Rich Lists and Graphs

Today, I found this fascinating graph. It demonstrates that the richest 100 and 500 Bitcoin addresses have continued to accumulate bitcoins throughout the rises and dips in price. The graph is here:

I would love to see the same graphs for NuShares. Does anyone know if such graphs exist? Can you please point me to them?

Thank you in advance, and Merry Christmas to all!!


I think most the top xxx accounts belong to exchanges.

That is true. However, the value of the accounts held by exchanges should go down over time.

i suspect that they grow through manipulation of BTC value. that is why i believe that btc’s value cannot tell all the truth about its use or adaptation rate

The Y axis on the graph is not value, it is the number of bitcoins owned. So the number of bitcoins owned by the top 500 and top 100 addresses has been continually growing regardless of the price of Bitcoin. I suspect that a graph of the top 500 and top 100 NuShares addresses would look pretty similar, but I can’t find any graphs to back me up.

The block explorer now shows a “rich list” for NBT and NSR, but I don’t think an API is available to pull the data.


Thank you @CoinGame!

i am happy to see so many custodians!
in NBT is it possible to determine the parked amounts?