NuShares 抵押贷款 NuBits(Shares of mortgage NuBits)



Community members, the recent frequent CNY / NBT no sale of NBT, I recommend.

1, Wengone provide 2.5 million NSR collateral to obtain 10000NBT, pay 10% interest per year
2, bter, btcc, huobi trading
3, the profit will make an announcement every two weeks



This is basically a T3 Nu custodian proposal, isn’t it?

I think we are working on solution, at least for BTER:

Continuing the discussion from [idea]new cny price feed:

No. It’s about asking for 10,000 NBT loan from Nu against 2.5million NSR collateral. Fund will be used for trading. Annual interest for the loan is 10%.

I think @wengone should put a detailed custodian grant request for shareholder consideration.