NuShares, NuBits & ALTS.Trade

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it should be posted in /cryptocurrency, not /bitcoin :smiley:

@Zoro @crypto_coiner @woolly_sammoth @masterOfDisaster and the rest of the Nu team.

I’m proud that we’re coming together as a community supporting ALTS. TRADES.

@ALTS_Trade Thank you for your lovely twitter post yesterday, every little thing helps… I hope you don’t mind that I copied and pasted one of your post you did yesterday on

"We would like to remind you that both NuBits and NuShare are available on ALTS.Trade with the latest wallet version already updated.

NuBits is one of those Bitcoin alternatives which maintains a stable value of $1.00 usd, their popularity is growing daily and their ability to stabilize their price is nothing short of impressive.
NuShares are held by people interested in helping maintain the Nu network and are intended to be a more volatile solution for active traders, compared to the stability of the $1.00 Nubits share or for users who would like to have a voice in the community.
NuShareholders can receive network revenues in the form of Peercoin dividends and can also cast votes for actions that positively affect the Nu network.
This gives you a real voice in the future of this currency.
Similar to NuBits, NuShares can be obtained from several digital currency exchange platforms however is unequivocally one of the most viable options to do so.
We are committed to the Nushares community and recommend it as an investment. We have consistently been diligent in security, updates and have been transparent from day one on everything.
The user interface has been tested with our users and the ui ease of use makes the whole experience top notch.
We will achieve longevity by continuing on our current path and will continue to be a big supporter of the Nushares community."

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