NuShares in demand on CCEDK

I have spotted today an amount of buy orders of totally 240 BTC.

sorry for any ways this may have come out wrong, feel free to erease whole thread.

It would be disappointing if an exchange (as you clearly work for CCEDK or are affiliated with them) is making completely false statements like this. NuShares have dropped in price considerably today, and as with all speculative assets, there are never guarantees for price rebounds. We’ve spent a lot of time building up a brand that avoids making cultish Bitcoin-type “the price will always go up” statements, and to be frank it doesn’t look like your message was well received on Bitcointalk either.

I appreciate that CCEDK is enthusiastic about the Nu project. I hope it will continue to advertise some of its considerable strong points - such as CEO Ronny’s commitment to customer service - and not confuse users into thinking Nu supports statements like the one you just made.


Best to just stay away from bitcointalk. They are in full denial on everything alt.

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So the recent drop in NSR price is caused by false statements like this?