NuShares and a Shareholder's promise to Peercoin

Hi everyone,

I would like to start an initiative to help Peercoin adoption. I joined this community as a Peercoin community member and Peercoin is a currency that I would like to see be accepted universally at some point. In the last year there has been a large growth in the altcoin environment and a good majority of them have been Proof-of-Stake or Proof-of-Stake offshoots. Some of them have achieved a decent sized following and even a smaller percentage have a very large marketing effort. I would like to see Peercoin achieve it’s goals, not only because I am a holder, but because I feel that it is the best in the space as a long-term solution. Marketing and development are areas that I fear that could be rivaled by some other altcoins. The general public generally don’t care what is the best but is easiest and looks the best.

In regards to this, I pledge to donate 10% of my NuShare dividends to the Peercoin effort in marketing and development. As most of us are part of Peercoin community, I hope that you will join me in this effort.



P.S. I wanted to do this before the first dividend dispersion, not only give myself accountability, but to start myself with a trend.


Nice initiative.
JR mentioned some nbt custodian proposals to fund peercoin development.

I’m planning a custodian proposal that aims to add significant buying pressure to Peercoin, as well as to increase the amount of PPC dividends distributed to shareholders.

I believe increasing trade volume and price of PPC is one of the best ways to promote it.

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It will be interesting to see what you propose. NuShareholders are unlikely to vote for something that does not directly benefit the future value of the Nu ecosystem (and thus the future value of NuShares).

Peercoin is an important piece of our design but is still an external asset. The price of Peercoin doesn’t matter to us as NuShareholders, but increasing the amount of dividends paid to NuShareholders (as you mention) would be.

Why wouldn’t the price of Peercoin matter to NSR holders? Unless NSR holders intend to spend / dump their dividends immediately it would be in their best interest for Peercoin to increase in value no?

Right - if NSR holders choose to hold Peercoin, then they’re also Peercoinholders. I don’t see holding on to Peercoin after dividend distribution as being a necessary fundamental activity of being a NuShareholder. Certainly though many people here will hold onto their PPC because they expect them to increase in price (or possibly because they just like the PPC community and want to support it).

I am not certain that promoting the price of Peercoin would be in NuShareholders’ remit. Yes, it would be in their interests, as many/most NuShareholders are also Peercoiners, but they would not be wearing their NuShareholder hats.

As I see it, the price of peercoin does not affect peercoin’s relationship with NuShares. If the price of peercoin is low, dividends will buy more of them; if the price is high, dividends will buy fewer. So, price is a moot point.

However, I think there is a valid interest in NuShareholders doing what they can to support Peercoin as a stable and secure crypto, as this ensures a means through which dividends can be reliably paid (and stored). Of course, by supporting peercoin in this organic way, the peercoin price will probably rise anyway

I look forward with interest to buzzdave’s proposal

I’ll be honest - as a PPC miner from day one I want to see the value of my holdings rise. As a shareholder in Nu, I want to see the value of my shares rise. One of the ways I can see to achieve these two goals is to create buying pressure in PPC and increased dividends to NSR holders. This was how I interpreted the original value of having custodians maintain the peg, receive revenues and distribute those revenues via PPC dividends.

I want to implement the same concept, except to utilize my access to large mining power as an input to the equation. The risk to me will be whether I can effectively utilize the NBT granted (whether to monetize it or use it in some other way).