NuShareHolder Chatting Service

Although seems like a nice place for NuNet related discussions, it’s centralized and doesn’t show the number of nushares held by each participant. My idea is to develop some kind of decentralized communication service that runs on top of NuNet and enables the NuShareHodlers to discuss things. It should favour anonymity as much as it is technically possible and it should display the number of nushares held by the message author.

Technical details:
Messages could be encoded into the NuShares’ block chain similarly to how (developed by me) does it for Bitcoin. However, the messages should also be signed by the poster’s NuShares receiving addresses. Whenever someone decodes the message the decoder software would automatically calculate the number of nushares held by the poster. The decoder would display the number of shares held by the poster at the time of making the post and also at the current time. Sending one message would cost the transaction fee of the message. The messages could be browsed without any special software similarly to but posting a message would probably require the special software running in your computer, connected to NuShares daemon. One could send targeted messages by including the recipient’s nushares’ receiving address in the transaction outputs (this is what does).

As a result, we would have a public message board that offers a functionality very similar to bitmessage with the exception that anyone can read the messages and that messages are stored in the block chain forever. Since nushareholders are somewhat of a political force in NuNet it is not very awkward to have their discussions published for the public to read. If a need arises for private conversations the described service could be used as a jumping board to initiate private discussions. For example, all nushareholders give their bitmessage addresses in the public discussion which automatically also proves the number of shares held by the owners of the bitmessage addresses.

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for conceptual enhancements. I personally would very much use that service since it would separate “low quality spam” messages/topics from the important stuff (hopefully :smile: ).


Hi @Hyena, thanks for coming up with this nice idea. I have some comments :

To date I am not aware of any decent crypto-distributed discussion software. Bitmessage, which is widely used and one of the most advanced known to date, is still terrible. I cannot imagine having even 1/10th of the discussions I am having here, with a tool such as BM.

While I think that long term communication can happen smoothly on a blockchain-based tool, I still think we need years and millions of dollars to get there.

For now I am more in favour of integration between existing tools and cryptographic technology, not sure if

blockchain is the right tool for the job.

Congrats, that looks super cool!
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I do not undertand why this would be needed in a first place. Is there any example of online/offline democratic communities where shareholders are publicly showing their equity? I do not see a board meeting where people advertise their equity, however, their shares weight in the voting process, just like Nu.

I am pretty much against showing the amount of shares owned by a shareholder during a discussion. The amount should only be weighted at the final time, aka voting. The point of view expressed by a 10NSR holder should be evaluated with the same respect of a 10MIL NSR holder during the discussion phase.

On the other hand, to prevent trolling, it would be useful to have a way to cryptographically prove one’s stake in the project. For instance by granting a badge, also here on discuss, showing that at the time of writing Miss Xyz owned at least … say, 10K NSR . I have no idea where to put the threshold.

This can be a very useful option, however, this particular discussion group seems to be almost immune for spam and pretty much manageable.
If we start seeing “spam” we could always create a category (for instance to propose grant or motions) behind a paywall ,or better, a parkwall . Park 10 NBT are required to post here :slight_smile:

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You could quickly modify BitMessage to require messages to start with a pair (address, signature) where address is the shareholders address and signature is one of the last n NSR blockhashes signed by the address.

You have some valid points there. I guess what I miss is a formally structured and DDOS proof means for high importance communication between the shareholders. I always prepare for the doomsday scenario so a fallback mechanism would be nice. Bitcoin-core sometimes shows you critical messages sent by the developers. When it is urgent to upgrade your client, for example.

As much as I like the idea of BitMessage, I don’t like the way it is implemented nor the fact that it is unreliable. Since a typical nushares receiving address is actually tied to a public key, we could use that public key to encrypt the message that is to be sent to the owner of a nushares address.

Ideally, I would have the critical topics accessible from my nushares wallet rather than a web browser. If that was to happen then the only identifier we had for a participant would be the number of shares they hold.

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We could also make a torrent feed for all voting actions, such that at least this information can be obtained in a decentralized way.


PeerMessage woud be perfect

Maybe it would make sense to apply for a custodian grant for the dev’s.