NuShare liquidity at another exchange

I’d like to have NuShares traded with some liquidity on at least one other exchange than Poloniex. How can we achieve this, and where?

One approach is to place orders to buy at and below current Poloniex market price (15, 14, 13, …), and sell above (16, 17, 18, …). Move buy orders up when sell orders are consumed. 10 M NSR each satoshi with 7 BTC and 40 M NSR total was suggested.

That can help establish a market on the new exchange. All sales proceeds go directly to Nu. Meanwhile, our buy orders would support the price from below. Risk being shareholders selling into that wall. NuShare liquidity is extremely important to Nu, so we must take good care of it. Poloniex’ delisting of US NuBits makes the future of the NuShare trading pair uncertain.

Suggest exchanges that list NSR (or should), and improvements to the method.


Given the current state no exchange would likely add us upon request. Maybe when providing a lump sum and some market maker guarantees you might convince Bittrex. They are still listing NBT after all.

Just noticed that Remaining NBT volumes on Bittrex (only NBT exchange) are very low in the last few days. Are there no liquidity operations active? Will be easy to loose Bittrex support this way.

NuBot has an issue with Bittrex where it sometimes doesn’t ‘see’ available funds when shifting walls and ends up putting up very small walls. I’ve asked a developer to take a look at it, but they haven’t had time to yet.

Do you think that’s what may have been the case at that time or am I misunderstanding?

Possibly. Without visible walls it is not likely a lot of trading would happen.