NuShare Auction

Which market?
I believe the reference market is ccedk, which very recently put into sell/buy orders 5mNSR into trade

This NuShare auction is intended as a special case of a NuShare grant custodial:

  • Custodian: JL
  • Amount: very large amount
  • Buyers: NuShareholders
  • Price: no particular relationship with the market

Should we assume that in the foreseeable furure, NSR grants would be of that scale i.e. 100MNSR?

That also is completely up to shareholders, and dependent on the needs of the network at the time.

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BTC believed to be lost: 235
NBT believed to be recoverable: 93,300
NSR believed to be recoverable: ~600,000 (these were purchased as a hedge against BTC)

Currently Operational

BTC: 5.94
NBT: 6644

BTC: 10.87
NBT: 2175

BTC: 54.94
NBT: 34268

Off Exchange Reserves:
BTC: 82
NBT: 140509

These numbers were taken in the last 20 minutes.


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