NuSafe - Second operating period and Bi-weekly collateral report

This is a continuation from the first Nusafe operation topic which can be found here:

The first operating period has ended on the 11th of May, with that Nusafe has been in operation for a 90 day period. As decreed by the original motion Nusafe is continues unless cancelled by @Dhume before the end of the 3 month operating method or cancelled by shareholder motion / T4 emergency. This means the second operating period has started on 12 May and ends on the 9th of August.

Any relevant information regarding the current NuSafe operation period shall be posted in this topic. Also I will use this topic to post my weekly updates regarding collateral (BKS) value. I will aim to do this every Thursday. I will post a motion topic to apply for payment for the first operating period. Any questions regarding Nusafe can be posted in this topic as well.


Bi-weekly collateral report

Due to CCEDK flipping pairs beyond recognition last week I wasn’t able to post a collateral report. The pair seems to have been fixed however so I’ll start this operating period with a report. BKS was trading solidly in the 6,20-6,50$ dollar range however after the pair was out of commission for a solid 2 weeks and the order books cleaned, as well as the trade history the price has seemed to have gone down a little to 6$ a piece.

However I feel this is more of a result of the CCEDK shenanigans then a devaluation of BKS. Also only roughly 63 BKS were traded since the pair was relisted and at that time the order books were almost empty. At the moment they’re still very barren and most trading seems to happen off exchange, bids on the forum are publicly 6,50$. However seeing as there is hardly any public trade history to base my estimation on I will conservatively estimate the price for this report at 6 dollars, this should evaluate the collateral at 6 x 7500 = 45000 USD, that’s 50% higher than the 30k USD hedged in NuSafe.