NuRiver Pool on Cryptsy for NBT/USD & NBT/BTC

Those who were taken by surprise finding withdraw fees, can use coupons to withdraw funds without paying 0.5% fee:

yes, but only 3. do you know if and how we can get more?

I don’t think there’s a way. The coupons are there to allow users taken by surprise to withdraw without paying the fees, I guess.

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{“credits”: 36425, “users”: 2, “validations”: 218555, “liquidity”: [0.0, 0.0], “sampling”: 6}

is something wrong again?

yes, now the bot cannot set any order, no errors given!
something is changed again in cryptsy’s api, i guess

2015/10/03-10:55:48 DEBUG: starting liquidity operation with sampling 24
2015/10/03-10:55:48 INFO: starting PyBot for btc on cryptsy
2015/10/03-10:56:26 INFO: successfully deleted all orders for btc on cryptsy
2015/10/03-10:56:26 INFO: waiting 9.28 seconds to synchronize with other trading bots for btc on cryptsy
2015/10/03-10:56:49 INFO: cryptsy - balance: 0.00000000 rate: 0.00% ppm: 0.00000000 efficiency: 0.00% rejects: 0 missings: 0 - xxxx

after some tries, orders are set but the ‘zeros info’ remains!

The liquidity info fluctuates between ~1000 in total and 0 within ~10 seconds. Very weird behavior.

unfortunately cryptsy and bter bots are working randomly for me :frowning:
setting orders whenever they feel like, decreasing amount orders without any reason
and they pay (while orders are indeed set) whenever they like! :frowning:

edit: my hope is with the ‘fixed cost’ bots. they will get rid of the dutch auction and i believe they will
behave better :wink:

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today i tried the “old” version of cryptsy bot and it worked! (no ‘not enough funds’ anymore)
in fact the new version is not working correctly anymore :wink:
i hope this will not change again!

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Make up your own mind about this:

B&c is needed…


i just made a withdraw from cryptsy, no problem.
usually (unfortunatelly) exchanges’ failures come without any warning!

For what its worth Cryptsy has a rebuttal on their blog saying that it is all defamation.

GOX 2? very risky to run operations now in cryptsy :frowning:

i just made a large NBT withdraw and it was processed in seconds!
(yes, i was afraid)

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Hey nmei,

I’ve been thoroughly monitoring exchange order books for the past weeks to check, whether ALix walls is working correctly.

As you might have discovered on the page already, Cryptsy NBT/USD shows 0 values most of the time.
This is due to my decision to only include orders with a 1.5% tolerance (from 1 NBT) into ALix walls.

Now to my question:

When I open I almost always see an order around ~2 k NBT either on the bid or the ask side. At the time of writing said order is on the bid side at a price of 0.9842 NBT, which would be a 1.58% deviation from our 1 USD = 1 NBT goal.

This 2 k order also seems to get compensated by your pool (see: at 0.18% per day.

Can you, or someone else (cough cough @nagalim @woolly_sammoth ) explain to me, why your pool is compensating an order with a deviation of 1.58%? That, in comparison, seems quite far away from the one dollar peg.

Thanks in advance.


I’m guessing he still has his tolerance set to 3%.

As per the terms of the last motion the tolerance for USD is at 3%.
I try to balance my portion weekly, but it is expensive to do so.

Cryptsy is easily 2% over common BTC market. And then the .5% withdraw fee.

It is either high payout and low spread, or low payout and high spread.

Again, if someone has a better solution. Please let me know. I don’t want to overcharge shareholders. But I think we should maintain a pool on cryptsy.


Okay. So everything is behaving how it’s supposed to.
I’ve manually set the ALix tolerance for that pair to 0.16, so the 2k order I was talking about earlier is finally showing up.

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