NuPool bacpayments and LiquidBits payments

So i got paid from NuPool last night. :grinning:
But, i’m still missing two days of back payments.

And I did not get paid from LiquidBits last night.

NuPool: last consecutive payout occurred August 17th 08:36 GMT (from August 16 08:36 - August 17 08:36)

August 17 08:36 - August 19 08:36 had two payout failures, which we are investigating currently

August 19 08:36 - August 20 08:36 (probably) was successfully paid this morning

@Cybnate, there seems to be an issue with payouts from liquidbits.
I can confirm that my balance was reset recently, but the last payout happened over 3,000 blocks ago

NuPool should have paid it’s debt just now.

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Confirmed by two people and analysing. It is something I haven’t seen before. Payout happened in logs of the pool, but not in blockchain. Only thing changed is upgrade to nud 2.00. Now reloading the entire blockchain and hoping it is ready for the payout in 12 hours time.
Rest assured that I can still see what the payout should have been for a manual payout. Just a puzzle to compare the logs with the actual payouts in the blockchain. Will look into that over the weekend, together with some more analysing of logs.

Sometimes you are reminded this is all still beta :sunglasses:


…but running remarkably well for that! I often think how great @creon’s idea (and initial implementation) was…

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nupool confirmed! :grinning:

LiquidBits paid out normally last night.

The last liquidbits payout to my NBT address was on 2015-08-18, but as @Cybnate said she would look into that over the weekend I don’t worry :smile:
My bots keep on running - all of them!

Same, I’m not stopping

We had now two successful payouts in a row with Nu daemon 2.00. Apparently after the update from 1.2 to 2.0 the blockchain choked in the upgrade process (still don’t know what went wrong). I did end up with 1Gb of debug.log which is unusual and needs more time to analyse.

It did become clear that the payment on 20-Aug was reported as completed by the pool software, but the wallet never executed those payments due to the blockchain issues. Therefore I will transfer the payments from 20-Aug-2015 manually in the next hour or so. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Please let me know if there any other issues. I did notice that the new Nu daemon takes more resources but have yet to see any adverse effects, but please report if you do see reduced performance in any way. I can upgrade the virtual machine, but that will cause an outage and increased costs of operating. But will do if there are more issues.

Thanks for your confidence in using the LiquidBits pool.

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I can confirm that I received payments for the btc and the usd pool on ccedk not long ago.
Comparing them with the bot logs, these payments appear to be the regular payments for the last round.
Looking forward to the manual payouts :wink:


Good, just transferred the 20-Aug payments. That should be all according to the logs. The other payments went through normally.

“LiquidBits just settled its debt” :wink: (won’t link to that ad)

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The order of magnitude of the payments looks reasonable. I beg your pardon for not digging deep in the logs to verify it :wink:
Since I use @Nagalim’s version of the bot which offers automatic bot restarts (and I use them!), I have log files that pile up in the log directory.
A quick grep indicated that my feeling was right. No need to analyze that any further.
Thank you!