nud set -maxconnections=8

OMG, my nud failed too…

Still not working on port 3335…

No, it shouldn’t be yet. I want to try to get port 3333 working tonight. If I can’t get that working I’ll put it up on port 3335 for keeps. We are technically in between grants right now, so I feel this is within my right as a pool operator to keep the pool down while I try to get the server upgrade rolled out in full.

The subtle thing here is that I am trying to convert the CNY pool to Fixed Cost. As has been addressed, a pool that starts as Fixed Cost can be taken advantage of by a non-communicative pool operator. A pool that is converted from fixed reward to fixed cost is a much more robust process. Basically, I don’t want to lose the users that have gotten used to port 3333 for the CNY pool.

NP. I thought with you previous post that you meant you were shifting to 3335.

any news about cny pool?

sorry, i had a busy night last night. I’ll give it a shot tonight and if I can’t figure it out I’ll put it up under port 3335.

Edit: I have put the bot up on port 3335. I don’t know what’s going on with port 3333, I can get the CCEDK NBT/USD bot to run there without issue so I dunno. Anyway, just use port 3335. I’ll change it in the default config files when I get set up for Term 6.

Please use Port 3335 for the CNY/NBT pool.

Bter is down right now. says it’s for maintenance, but I’m having a hard time finding an announcement about it.

ours funds are “safe” :smiley:

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@Nagalim Is that BTC pool down?

2015/11/26-07:27:31 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)
2015/11/26-07:27:32 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)
2015/11/26-07:27:32 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)
2015/11/26-07:27:33 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)
2015/11/26-07:27:34 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)
2015/11/26-07:27:34 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)
2015/11/26-07:27:35 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)
2015/11/26-07:27:36 ERROR: submit: socket error (111)

The cny pool is still up. I’m afk right now, but I’ll figure out what happened in a couple hours.

Edit: I caught an error in the main loop, like @Cybnate did that other time. Not sure what caused this, I have ~2 GB of memory free and there was no message aside from error caught in main loop. I restarted the script.

I’m interested in your finding. It more and more appears to me that there is a relation with the API response times or the integrity of the data transmitted by the API. There is no error correction in place as far as I have seen, which could be a consideration to include into the bots. However to get it really right we would require the cooperation of the exchanges sending error correction hashes or something like it. But maybe I’m on the wrong track anyway.


You can buy nbt for $0.985 on nbt/cny and if no one sells to you get 10 nbt/day for any amount you put up.

BF’s offer? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohhh black Friday, hilarious!

night at china,can not deposit cny to bter……

and my fund is all in nbt

Sell nbt for btc, btc for cny. Do it at competitive prices. Know that you have leverage over other traders for every minute the cny stays on buy side by virtue of the pool. Maybe I should have kept the shift parameter the way it used to be, I’ll need to think about that.

The theoretical calculation for equilibrium:

(NBT/BTC) * (BTC/CNY) * (CNY/NBT)=1 without Nu

With Nu:
(NBT/BTC) * (BTC/CNY) * (CNY/NBT + d_rate*time) = % LP profit lost when funds are on btc/cny order

‘d_rate’ is the difference between btc sell side rate and CNY buy side rate. ‘Time’ is the time the CNY is up on the pool before it buys NBT. I’m ignoring trading fees because they’re just basically a friction term. The idea of course is to use small amounts when d_rate is very high.

Nubot is going to make this way more practical when it does market awareness.

I made an account on bter and fed it 20 nbt. I then started running both the btc and cny bots with 1.5 fillfactor (super important!). Tie the payment address back into the bter account and check up on it once in a while. It makes money quickly, with very little risk. I suggest everyone, whether you trust bter or not, to do at least this.

Don’t know what you mean. Nupond pools work? We sort of know :wink: What does fillfactor have to do with it?

If you drop 20 NBT into a fresh account with both bots running on 1.5 ff, they will drop 1.5 NBT on sell orders on both pools. If you use shifts and reduce offsets, your orders will get filled every time there’s a big buy or sell. Eventually, you’ll have a good portion of funds on both buy and sell side on both pools. Any time lots of LPs drop out or get bought up, you’ll be earning as much as 10 nbt/day/side/pool. What I’m saying is targeted at people who don’t want to invest a lot of money in Bter but want to help and profit off the liquidity operations there. 1.5 ff is the smallest I would set it to.

Today I earned 3 NBT off a 20 NBT investment. That’s like trading level profits with barely any risk. Yes, these effects scale and are totally applicable at higher volumes (though of course the reward is fixed). I’m just pointing out the bare minimums to get people thinking.

You need to update the guide at for people who have not closely following to do.