Sorry, I missed this one.

Updated the IPs for

My server isn’t communicating properly. I’m not sure what the issue is, but won’t respond either.

Edit: I fixed this, sorry, it was a DNS problem. I’m also now running on the updated pool parameters.

1 Like is now running Nu 2.0. There was no server restart.

My bots on the nbt/cny pair and the nbt/btc pair still run fine - in fact the bot on the nbt/btc pair runs even better now: it can place orders above 0.5 NBT :slight_smile:
I wonder whether that’s just a coincidence and has more to do with anything else than the update of the server - I mean that bot is a nasty one and doesn’t always do what I tell it to do :wink:

That pool has hit target a lot this month, so it’s possible you were just being edged out, but I’m not totally convinced it’s not something on Bter’s end either.

I’m trying to get people over to the cny pool this month. I think it’s a much more pleasant experience all around.

If you have a look at the current nbt/btc situation at bter you’ll find more than 2,500 NBT on the sell side. Yet my order is there and wasn’t yesterday and the days before.
That was a reason to move some of the funds to the nbt/cny pool.
I’m aware that ll this is still pretty much beta, although it runs very very fine - at least for most of the pools and most of the time.
liquidbits ccedk bots had a lot of trouble with rejects - that looks better now as far as I can tell (speaking of nbt/usd and nbt/btc here)
nupool’s poloniex and bittrex pools are chronically beyond target - no one to blame here but the liquidity providers :stuck_out_tongue:
And will soon have no need for bots, but that is a completely different topic.

I’m impressed how well all this runs and how little effort it requires to provide liquidity since your bot with

# Sets time (in hours) between bot resets. [bug fixer]
restime = 1.00

is available :wink:

Yah, that solution is pretty terrible though, honestly. Like slapping a bandaid over a gaping wound. However, as far as I understand, parametric order book and the price pushing service are next on the Nu roadmap. So brace yourself, updates are coming.

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I’m fine even with the current situation. I sit here and watch the NBT come to my wallet :slight_smile:

what is the reason for the bot to decrease tier1 bid/ask limits even if the pool’s maximum hasn’t been reached?
edit: my bad! now i see the max has been reached :frowning:

Yah, I’m not sure my liquidity is reporting correctly. The target has basically been filled this entire pool term. I hope to switch to a fixed cost pool on the btc pair next term if all goes well and shareholders support it.

Dutch auction rates for btc/nbt on bter this month are 0.05%/day. That is really incredible in my opinion.

Edit: Today it’s 0.01%! It’s really astounding, that’s only 3.65%/year! I can’t wait to see what kind of liquidity I draw with a fixed cost pool.


@Nagalim, i am trying NBT/CNY in bter. the INFO reports of my bot show only ask or bid side with respectable ppm amount but not both!
i wonder if server calculates correctly my balance from both walls, the ask/bid orders are correctly in place in bter.
edit: now i see ask and bid reports correctly. it is a rather random issue, very annoying

Sometimes the bot’s buggy. If you do some experiments and maybe think you have some idea why it does that, I can try to change code to fix it. However, if the bot credits you properly a majority of the time that may be good enough. You can always decrease your ‘reset_timer’ of you think more frequent restarts would help.

today i get again the strange behaviour:
2015/09/28-11:44:38 INFO: waiting 2.83 seconds to synchronize with other trading bots for cny on bter
2015/09/28-11:44:46 INFO: successfully placed ask cny order of xxx nbt at 6.41041095 on bter
2015/09/28-11:45:35 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00000000 rate: 0.00% ppm: 0.00000000 efficiency: 0.00% rejects: 0 missings: 0 - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Moreover the shows zero ask side although i see in bter the order is active!
i wonder if this a issue. how often the server is restarted (as a bug fixer)?

edit: i also see some socket error (10060)

I see. Everything seems to work fine in the logs, except whoever has that 3.5kNBT order at 6.408 isn’t getting credited.

The code you copied and pasted is just the start of the bot. You should wait until at least two crediting lines (>2 min) before assuming it’s not working. Sometimes it takes a minute to start crediting you.

I haven’t done a server restart or software update in over a month.

thanks for the info. some times i see 10-20 INFO “zero” lines (it means nothing is payed although order in place!)
then i may see 5-10 correct INFO lines and then the circle continues!
very sad :frowning:

Yah, that’s not how it should be. I wish I knew the answer, but the code gets complicated sometimes. The only advice I can give, I guess, is to see how it behaves on restart and if you like that reduce your reset timer to 0.25 or possibly even lower.

Please keep reporting the bugs as you see them at your convenience. Every time I go through the code for whatever reason I try to keep my eyes open for potential bug fixes.

perhaps the socket errors (10060) are to blame? what they actually mean?
can you perform a server update/restart to see if it fixes somehow?

I’m being cautious about restarting and upgrading the server. I will look into it tonight though, as I was messing with the updated stuff last night for fixed cost. I also need to rearrange my server’s folder structure and possibly pull some stuff on github. I usually like to restart servers each term, but I can check it out.

Socket errors come from you not connecting well with the server. It has nothing to do with bter and is a problem with communication between operator and participant. A server restart could potentially fix it, but I would be surprised. The server is in New York.

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the nupond server for bter nbt/btc is down?
but the bter nbt/cny is up! are they different servers?


but I received socket errors before I stopped the bot. Can’t get it running again…


and is running:

2015/09/30-06:17:54 INFO: starting PyBot for cny on bter
2015/09/30-06:18:32 INFO: successfully deleted all orders for cny on bter
2015/09/30-06:18:32 INFO: waiting 11.01 seconds to synchronize with other trading bots for cny on bter
2015/09/30-06:18:55 INFO: bter - balance: 0.00000000 rate: 0.00% ppm: 0.00000000 efficiency: 0.00% rejects: 0 missings: 0 - APIKEY

The server ( is the same, the ports are different (3333, 3334!).

And there’s another server for the fixed cost test run:


As far as I’m aware, this test run doesn’t yet pay out - it’s a test run!

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