NUpond BTER-bot issues

sometimes these errors are rare, some other times are very frequent like today ;(
and i see them in all pairs (CNY/NBT,NBT/BTC)
i just try to figure out if BTER has the problem by trying to manually fetch those coin “balances” and “order book”
with my API keys but i had no success. I am not even sure if i did it wrong or BTER is faulty!
I hope we can fix it soon.

I have a 3rd party app, bitcoin checker, that has been getting parsing errors the last week or so only on bter, no other exchanges. This coincides with when I started seeing these errors occur in the bot. You are right that they pervade all versions of the software and all pairs on Bter.

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then should i sent an email to bter to check their API, or you will do it? or someone else?
i don’t have the technical know how to help them if they ask me :slight_smile:

yah, I’ll take a look later tonight and send them an email. Multiple users complaining wouldn’t hurt either :smile:

i think @NubitGuy is working for BTER. He/She may see this tread :wink:

I sent an email to support.

ask the QQ support stuff , API limit 5/s , i don’t know if that can help.

and they give me a link

@woolly_sammoth can I get your opinion on this thread?

Ok, here’s my assessment:

The issue with orders being credited is a deviation problem. The bot is not properly deleting and replacing orders when the price drifts out of the band determined by the deviation. Normally, if the price changes by 0.25% in either direction from the starting price of the bot, the bot will delete the orders and replace them. This is not working properly, potentially because the bot is having problems reading the order book from Bter.

The bandaid solution is to decrease your reset_timer to 0.25 or possibly lower (0.15?) to force the bot to re-place the orders.

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Bter’s orderbooks are switching back and forth between fake and real on my computer and my mobile browser. Anyone else have that?

What do you mean by “fake” and “real”? How does each of the versions look like?

One of them is from my cached memory or something, the other actually represents reality. BTW, bter is now in the top 2 slots for daily volume for NBT on CMC. It’s a slow day for nbt on polo.

look like the error is ok now?

Oh, is it? I didn’t check, I’ll have a look tonight.

i don’t see these errors anymore. perhaps BTER fixed their api?

Yah, they sent me an email saying they were checking into it and after it was fixed I sent an email back thanking them. They never actually stated they fixed it, but the errors are gone, so success.

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Can I get confirmation that the NBT/BTC and NBT/CNY pairs are unavailable on Bter?

^both are unresponsive for me. The bots are also all down.

503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

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2015/10/22-13:36:14 ERROR: unable to receive balance for nbt on bter: exception caught: No JSON object could be decoded
2015/10/22-13:36:16 INFO: adjusting nonce of bter to 1

It’s back up.