NuNetwork is hiring! Do you know marketing, or someone who does?

Job description

NuNetwork needs professional marketing for project NuBits. Liquidity Operations has set out to hire an experienced person with the necessary skillset, contacts, and ambition, to then understand what NuBits is and how to present it to the audiences that should be targeted.

Liquidity Operations today operates liquidity for NuBits with automated trading software at supported exchanges. In order to expand and grow NuBits into a stable ecosystem we need to establish presence on more marketplaces and cryptocurrency exchanges. Prerequisites for being listed on quality exchanges include funding, perception, and technical maturity.

Salary: 3,000–4,000 USD per month (negotiable)
Period: Evaluation –> 6 months –> Ongoing
Payment: Bitcoin, USNBT, or fiat via newly established NuBits Limited in Hong Kong.


As candidate you either know what we need already or can show that you will figure it out quickly. You are expected to present an actionable plan for increasing trust and exposure of NuBits, then be responsible for executing the plan. We will support you with our own expertise and resources.

Each individual on our team is professional and respectful, with an attitude of quality performance and propensity for pragmatic problem solving. Communicate what you think, and certainly speak up regarding what you believe could be a better approach even if it would require a radical change.

What we know that we need (or want) is the following. It does not matter who does it as long as we can trust it is performed according with our standards and expectations.

  • Approach exchanges, marketplaces, related businesses.
  • Improve our resources, which will involve us talking about the concepts of NuBits and them formatting it for target audiences.
  • Maintain relationships.
  • Head social media.
  • Update external resources with current information.
  • Understand the current climate of cryptocurrency in the world and our active regions.
  • Keep the team informed about any relevant news.
  • Expand this list with your own ideas.

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