NuNet deflationary asset as the next product?

My idea has the benefit of pure decentralization if structured properly. The website and client would display the top NUR addresses along with a piece of meta-data (possibly a DNS entry like Namecoin uses?) like a website URL for advertising purposes. It wouldn’t require a marketing manager to keep track of which addresses should be displayed on a website/client, and wouldn’t require anyone to keep track of burned NBT addresses.

The onus for evaluating whether it is worth it to participate in the NUR market would be on the merchant side. I don’t see this as a poorly thought out asset requiring constant maintenance actually. Once it is released it would operate freely without our intervention, because there are no requirements for voting or price feeds.

That being said, @Ben usually has great ideas so I’m looking forward to reading what he suggests.

Provably-burned NBT doesn’t need a central authority, either. Just generate a single public NBT key that nobody has the private key for, and hardcode as “loyalty points burn” all NBT sent to that address. It also wouldn’t be hard to add time-based weighting to the algorithm so that the most recent burns get the biggest benefits.

Also interested in @Ben’s ideas. :smile:

If for some reason ads are ever incorporated into the client, I think there should be a way for people to pay a fee so they don’t see them for a certain length of time. The collected fees could then be distributed to shareholders as network revenue. Not sure if this is possible, but I don’t like seeing ads and would probably pay a small fee to have them removed from view.

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Those who believe in the cap of bitcoin supply don’t realize that altcoins are just defacto, and working, surrogates of bitcoin to circumvent the cap, that bitcoin and altcoins are one and same in a grand scheme. These people won’t see the value of altcoins therefore are unlikely to be attracted by a capped product of Nu.

As for displaying ad in the wallet, since the wallet will be open source, it would take only a few minutes for an ad-free wallet fork to be made.

What happened to this?

Also, NuRewards sounds good. I’m curious how it would change with a volume-dependent fee like:

The burn rewards possibility is also a very nice concept. We could, in theory, do both I think.