NuLagoon - possible wrong accounting on the 8th of February 2016?

I would like to report a possible wrong accounting for the 8th of February 2016 on NuLagoon.

I have submitted a withdrawal request before COB on the 7th of February and I did not receive my NBT back yet.

From what I can see on the block explorer there were also:

2 requests of withdrawal on BGNbLajr7tSD5LEqYmG2hztzciPhmjf4eX
and 2 on BBiHdUVB8Sndf1tCNfBNpRZx53pK7Go8JK

I cannot see this reflected on the data spreadsheet for Pool A and Pool D for the 8th of February accounting.
Could anyone confirm this?

Also I can see that the transactions page is not updated with these requests.

I have tried to contact @henry here, also on bitcointalk and by chat on yesterday, but so far no reply.

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I am still waiting for the transfer to my NBT address, after my withdrawal request.
Now has been 2 days from my withdrawal request and over 24 hours from the COB of the 8th of February.

Anyone from the NuLagoon team care to explain the delay/wrong accounting?

Thank you for reporting this to us.

We have some difficulties to respond to messages in time in this week due to the holiday of Chinese New Year.

We will verify and fix the problem as soon as possible.


Hi @henry, Thank you for your reply.

It would be nice to have everything sorted before the next COB of the 11 Feb.

To date, no transfer have been made yet and I still have not received my NBT.

Please keep us posted possibly with an ETA on when the transfers wll be made and the data sheet corrected.


Another COB accounting day and still I have not received my NBT and the accounting for the 8th of February has not been fixed yet… should we start to get worried about NuLagoon?

The fund withdrawal you mentioned will be processed in today’s COB.
We just upgraded the Nu Client version to 2.1
We will sent out NBT as soon as our Nu client synchronized with network.

Nu 2.1 synchronized failed.
We are rolling back to 2.0.3
Thank you for your patience.

Could you provide some more details on what went wrong? I’m sure it would help @CoinGame figure out what went wrong.

Nu v2.1 cannot connect to any peer when there are 3 weeks left to catch up.

I’ve yet to see this issue reported before. If you can find some information in the logs it may help us troubleshoot.

I cleared the whole data dir when rolling back to v2.0.3.
I will try to upgrade later and see if I can report something useful.

2.1 is having some issues and we’ve asked people not to upgrade except for testing purposes. Though if you really need to use it others have had success by using a clean start of 2.1 (fastest with the bootstrap file) and then moving the wallets into the data directory when it’s fully synced.


I confirm I have received the withdraw order and my NBT have been transferred to my address now.

As a personal feedback: since the NuLagoon system is mainly based on trust, it would be nicer to have a much responsive system in place in case of errors in accounting / missing withdrawals / deposits.

I think a better “customer service” is needed to keep the users trust level up in order to keep NuLagoon for the long term. Yours is a very much appreciated service for the Nu network and for LP that are looking for a simpler way to help the peg. I think the current management fees are adequate to reward the occasional prompt response from the NuLagoon team in case of errors or omissions.

Thank you again for @henry and his team to provide this very useful service including the very innovative NuLagoon tube. I hope next time there is a little hiccup in the process everything will be handled in a much more prompt way and with quicker communication.