Nudroid wallet does not show nubits

Have transfared nubits to Nudroid wallet on blockhain shows verified transaction but wallet shows no money on it. Any ideas?

Is NuDroid fully synced?

No first time using this, how to sync?

Connect to WLAN, start NuDroid, wait.
You can check the status at the menu entry “network monitor” in NuDroid.
Will take some time (depending on network speed) to sync (more than 721,000 blocks) - but as far as I remember only the headers are synced.
@MatthewLM might be able to confirm that.

How to check if it’s fully synced? I have downloaded wallet and transfered funds and thats it. Shows nothing.

If you switch the view to “blocks” in the “network monitor”, you should see 721,741 blocks at the time of writing this post.
If you see significantly less, you need to wait until your NuDroid is synced to the block which carries the transaction to your NuDroid address.

I have conected WLAN on network monitor shows 721,747 blocks, but still no balance

And the address to which you sent the NBT is one of your NuDroid addresses?

and here is transaction on blockhain

Swipe to the left (blocks) please and make a screen shot


Those are your peers, not you. I just downloaded the wallet myself, checking it out. Try swiping left to blocks and see what you got.


Or that!

The transaction is according to the blockexplorer included in block 721,622; NuDroid needs to be past that.
The only thing that might help if you are past 721,622 and have no balance - which I can think of - is to reset the blockchain on your NuDroid.

menu -> settings -> diagnostics -> reset blockchain

That will take a while, but I have no better idea.
Maybe someone else has a better idea. If you don’t want to wait for that, sync the blockchain agin…

Another question: you have made a backup of your NuDroid wallet, right?
If not, please do it and store it safely.
Please don’t lose your funds, because you have no backup!

Yup, you’re on block 380712. Please wait a day or so and check back in.

Solved - you need to wait. Your sync is not complete. None of the already synced blocks contains a tx to your address.

yep. welcome to june last year :smiley:

wait a few minutes and your funds should be displayed when the wallet is in sync.

Edit: that’s the nubits community spirit. 3 people try to help you AT ONCE!


Hows that for overcommunication, lol

ha ha thanks guys apreciated

Have fun with your NuDroid - and don’t forget the backup!
Btw. - you are aware of the shapeshift integration of NuDroid, right?
I mean, you can make e.g. BTC, LTC, etc. payments with your NuDroid; the NBT get converted in the background using the shapeshift API!
Just scan the BTC (or whatever) QR code, confirm the amount to be changed and pay with NBT.