NuDroid v4 - Now available on Google Play

NuDroid featured in the daily Decrypt! Nice work @tomjoad (2:54)


As with btc I dont want to download the whole blockchain and for that reason alone I use paper wallets + Mycelium’s spend from cold storage feature.

To be able to use nulagoon tube I’d love to have the cold storage feature in an app like nudroid. Any plans to have this in the near future?

It is not on the wishlist at the moment, but I can add it when more people ask for it. That would increase the chance to include it in the next update, although none has planned yet.

Hope more people chime into the discussion here: Mobile magic. Interested?
It is paving the road for a new release of NuDroid assuming their is enough interest amongst shareholders.

Just noticed that we reached a new milestone on Google Play:

500+ downloads of NuDroid! :open_mouth:


The number of unique visitors is floating around between 110 and 135 on a monthly bases (Source: Cloudflare)


Just posted the milestone on Bitcointalk and had a question:

Navesh Sapad:
good to see this … The only thing i care for is , security , any users who have already used this can share ?

Anyone willing to share the security aspects/experience here:

Is it possible to connect NuDroid through TOR (provided by Orbot on Android OS)?

If not available, wouldn’t that be a good (security/privacy) implementation and enhancement?

Not sure if there is a lot of value in that. NuDroid connects only the Shapeshift API (when used) and ongoing to the servers. If you don’t trust the server operators you can run your own server. Beyond that it basically only leaves the connection to Shapeshift to sort out. Maybe @MatthewLM can comment whether the calls to the Shapeshift API use webbased traffic which could be handled by Orbot or not. And whether any other traffic occurs?

Hello. The Shapeshift API is called over HTTPS which provides encryption and authentication, however Shapeshift will know your IP address and those that can listen on your connection can determine that you are connecting to Shapeshift. If you want to hide your IP address and who you are connecting to, then you can use Tor. I believe if you have a rooted phone you can use Orbot to redirect all webtraffic through Tor including for apps that do not otherwise support Orbot.

Edit: I actually think orbot can redirect all traffic through Tor on a rooted phone.

Hey @MatthewLM, exchange rates for Fiat don’t seem to be gathered at the moment.

Can you check that?

Problem seems to have solved itself for now.

My assumption is that the third party exchange rate server would have been down.

I’ve noticed this issue one or two times. Thought it was my connection as a restart of the App fixed it. Will keep an eye on it.

Just a little teaser, I’m still working on a custodial grant with some significant improvements for NuDroid. I believe this is another big step towards making NuDroid the ultimate mobile wallet for regular use on the internet e.g. Bitcoin shops, collecting funds e.g. merchants or your earnings and at point of sale (PoS) for your weekly beer or dinner for two anywhere they accept Bitcoin, NuBits or any other support cryptocurrency. And that all without being subject to any volatility.

The main objective of the grant is to increase sustained demand for NuBits beyond just day trading.

Here is an early draft of the proposed functionality subject to change:

A. Skipping headers for instant start/sync,
B. Adding Ethereum support,
C. Adding crypto currency exchange rates on the homepage,
D. Syncing Nubitsj with Bitcoinj,
E. Adding NuDroid’s ability to receive other coins which will be instantly converted upon arrival to US-NBT.

More details, costs, requirements etc. and a grant proposal will follow soon…


Happy to see further improvements being proposed. Do you have any metrics on the number of NuDroid users so far? It would help justify further development expense.

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@tomjoad just in case you didn’t realize she posted the new draft here…

I wasn’t sure if you knew since you were replying to an older post.

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Not much has changed since 6 weeks ago.