NuDroid v4 - Now available on Google Play

Wow, that was fast! It looks great, thanks for the quick edit. Hope we hit the thousand hits for both of them before the end of the month.


I have refreshed CMC like 40 times and haven’t seen a single NuDroid banner… :frowning:
Then I thought it might have to do that I’m not on the front page.
On the front page it was shown on second try.
Does CMC list the banner only on the front page?

Yes, that is the deal I made. One has to pay more for additional pages or side banners etc.
It also requires producing a banner in a different format.

Thanks for confirming what I guessed. Good to know.
…and if another contract would have been made, it were time to ask them to deliver :wink:
That’s one of the reasons why I asked.

An update of NuDroid to v4.2 on Google Play was just released to address the blockchain sync issues many of us encountered. More information and direct download of APK info can be found here: [Passed] Reliability and Performance Improvements to NuDroid (Released) Please also consider voting for the custodial grant in that thread as it includes more fixes and worthwhile functionality. It also supports the developer to continue working on it.

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The NuDroid App (and CoinOmi) are currently broken due to an unexpected change of the transaction fee from 0.01 to 0.02. I’ve informed Matthew and I hope he is able to respond with a fix soon. See also my recommendation to the Shareholders here for a short term fix: Coinomi send tx stuck

Now that the transaction fees are back to 0.01 is the wallet usable?

At the moment I have received transactions stuck with the message
"This payment should be spendable in few minutes"

It should work now. Mine is synced and working. Just checked the server (svr1) and all appears to be working.

Do you have peers visible when you check network monitor? Is it still syncing?

I did some debug on the device, and it was a mix of issues that were not related with the NuDroid app that works very well.

It was taking longer than usual for the blockchain to sync as other apps where interfering with my connectivity.

All good now, thank you!


Just like to refer to this proposal to fix NuDroid so it supports future NuBits transaction fee changes.
The custodial grant is here: [Passed] Dynamic Fees in NuDroid. It is also available in my datafeed here.


for the Chinese community : I see that there are only two reviews with one star on the google play store … What do they say?

The NuBits blockchain only Nubitsexplorer requires some maintenance and will be off-line for a large number of hours. Due to a bug the database has been corrupted and I need to build it up again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

NuDroid shouldn’t be affected as the default secondary server would take over. is still available as the main Nu blockchain for NuBits and NuShares.

The Nubitsexplorer is online again after the rebuilt of the database. This proofed a bit more challenges due to the high memory requirements of the Nu daemon.

Matthew also reports that he determined that abe does not like the parked NuBits for some reason. It ruins the calculation of total coin amounts. So he removed the coin days destroyed, outstanding coins and average age for now. They won’t be accurate in any case, unless abe is modified to work with parked NuBits, which might be more trouble than it is worth.

At least it provides the basic explorer services for NuBits again. Interested to hear your feedback on the continuation of this service into the next year.

More than 1000 hits on Just a reminder to all forum users to post something related to NuDroid every now and then over there. It increases the visibility outside our own community and hopefully attracts new users.


NuDroid featured in the daily Decrypt! Nice work @tomjoad (2:54)


As with btc I dont want to download the whole blockchain and for that reason alone I use paper wallets + Mycelium’s spend from cold storage feature.

To be able to use nulagoon tube I’d love to have the cold storage feature in an app like nudroid. Any plans to have this in the near future?

It is not on the wishlist at the moment, but I can add it when more people ask for it. That would increase the chance to include it in the next update, although none has planned yet.

Hope more people chime into the discussion here: Mobile magic. Interested?
It is paving the road for a new release of NuDroid assuming their is enough interest amongst shareholders.

Just noticed that we reached a new milestone on Google Play:

500+ downloads of NuDroid! :open_mouth:


The number of unique visitors is floating around between 110 and 135 on a monthly bases (Source: Cloudflare)


Just posted the milestone on Bitcointalk and had a question:

Navesh Sapad:
good to see this … The only thing i care for is , security , any users who have already used this can share ?

Anyone willing to share the security aspects/experience here: