NuDroid Issue

Hello Community,

I currently am having a issue with the NuDroid wallet. I am trying to move some nubits and my wallet is constantly showing on the screen “All trusted servers failed”. When I get to the Send Nubits page I put the amount in and it shows in red “ Could not obtain fees from any server” and has the Send button grey. Is there any way one of you kind souls can help me solve this issue or direct me in the right path to solve it. I would greatly appreciate it and thank you in advance for reading and assisting.



Hi and welcome!
I’m sorry to hear you have problems with NuDroid. I could so far rely on it.
Just to be sure: do you have the most recent version (4.4) installed?
How many trusted servers are in the list (menu -> settings -> trusted servers)?
Is “Anton” listed there?
If not, can you try adding it? The URL is
I have connection to both the default explorer and Anton and suppose you have a different kind of connection issue, but who knows…

I just checked and both servers are available. Maybe an uninstall and re-install may help (edit after you have made a backup of the wallet). There is also an option to ‘restore defaults’ under Setting when you are in the Trusted servers. Otherwise please check you internet.

Thank you for your responses I woke up and tried what you said but noticed that all of a sudden it took care of itself. The error went away and I was able to send. I guess it was a issue with my connection to WIFI but the strange thing was that I was able to surf the web and do other tasks. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ oh well. Thank you again for helping me out it is greatly appreciated.