Nud -rescan / fix walletB.dat


nud -rescan

scan the walletS.dat and the walletB.dat?
Somehow the balance in my NBT wallet got messed up. A transaction with no confirmations is included in the balance. I can’t spend it and “nud -rescan” doesn’t correct the balance. I tried

nud -unit=B -rescan

as well without success. Any chance to fix the wallet?

nud -unit=B repairwallet
    "wallet check passed" : true

seems to overlook the issue

If you want a quick fix to spend the fund try importing the priv key to an empty wallet.

I think it is a bug native to bitcoin-qt.

Thank you for that tip. I’m aware of that solution.
But I rather want to sanitize the wallet, because of all the transactions and their timestamps. This wallet receives the compensation for my tllp participation and I don’t want to lose that information.
I could export the transactions. But I don’t want to believe there’s no way to repair this wallet. All that’d be necessary were removing 1 transaction with 0 confirmations from the balance.
Silly unparking bug…

I mean you could export that particular address to another wallet, spend it in the new wallet, and rescan the old wallet and hope let the spending tx fix the records in teh old wallet.

Ah! Now I get it. Thanks, will try.