Nud is getting Killed after several hours

by Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve observed this few times.

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Hi @ganx.
How much memory is available on your machine? I’ve noticed nud crashing without an error on lower memory machines. It’ll run fine for a while but then, when processing a block or accepting an RPC call, it will crash. Could that be the issue for you?

756 MB is it small?

My testing has only involved two vitual machine sizes. The first has 256MB and nud would crash when accepting a block. The second has 800MB and nud generally runs fine. That is a dedicated box which just runs nud and a couple of python scripts though, there’s no overhead from serving graphics or anything like that.

Can you take a look in the log file (found at ~/.Nu/debug.log, if you use the default configuration) and see if there are any indications of a problem before it exits? The last few lines at the end of the file are where you’ll want to look if you’re viewing it after the nu daemon crashed but before you start it back up again.