NuBot right now


lol! Hilarious!
But likely true if you look at the NBT trading volume.

If you haven’t seen the video this gif comes from check it out, Crater Face

Was not prepared for the feels involved in that video.

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Abnormal, single exchange driven volume like this makes me very nervous.


I don’t like that it’s so focused on one exchange either, but at this point it I don’t know if I can call it abnormal for Nu. This has to be what, like the fifth time this has happened at least?

For total volume, yes, but it’s not at all common to see such a difference between our two biggest exchanges.

It seems that there are at least 50btc of buy side liquidity on ccedk but not placed at the top of the book.
It seems that there is a recurrent issue with ccedk…
Do you know what causes the issue?