NuBot malfunctioning? No USD/NBT buy support


I see that the last two orders on the USD/NBT CCEDK market were KTm’s sells:

However, there is no corresponding buy offer with those 1070NBT and 1075NBT funds on the buy side of the peg:

How can this be explained? Shouldn’t the funds from those last two sells still exist on the buy side, since they are the most recent trades in the order history?

The bot was not picking up the buy side orders. It wasn’t erroring out, so my restart triggers were not being invoked.

I’ve restarted that market and the sell and buy sides appear to be correct.

I’ll review the logs and work with @desrever to figure out if this matches a known condition, or if this is a new problem that we haven’t seen before.

Thank you for quickly bringing it to my attention.


Thank you @Chronos . I don’t want to point any finger yet , I will review logs and try to understand why that is the cause.

I suspect that with such small amounts, and returning to zero frequently, that it was timing issue.

We’ll know more once we’ve looked at the logs.