NuBot goes live at poloniex

Yesterday night we had our firs instance of the bot launched on Poloniex .
The bot provides liquidity for an equivalent of 20kNBT and its run by one LPC custodians.

Happy trading


Buy wall only?
Also could we open a new window when we click on the link?

Yes for now is buy liquidity. I’ll talk to other custodians to see if they want to move some liquidity over.

Fair point. Let’s ask @Ben and @CoinGame

Click what link?

we now have some sell liquidity also

any hyperlink in the posts.

Ah sorry. That functionality is core to the forum. The forum developers have advised not to change core functionality. It could break automated updates. You can have links open in a new window by using the mouse wheel click, or hold down ctrl and pressing click. Those two features are available in all modern browsers.

No worries. Just a minor issue. Really appreciate the reply.