NuBot development roadmap - From 0.1 to 1.0

Edited original post with changes to roadmap

Edited original post with changes to roadmap

Updated roadmap with new short/midterm priorities

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Can we change the roadmap along the way? with motions?

Of course, but please do only for macro items at high level and only when there is a strong disagreement with current priorities.


The release we are currently working on turned out to be a major release rather than a small plugin.

Changed ----> 0.3.0, and adapted overall roadmap.

Stay tuned

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0.3.0 released (see announcement) and roadmap re-adjusted.


This is so cool. I would really like to look a bit further again into using the NuBot in the TLLP client. The greatest problem here is that events that the TLLP client recognizes cannot be communicated with the NuBot (except killing it, changing the config, and starting it again).

Is it planned to implement some interface to modify the config parameters interactively? In particular we would need to specify the fund limits on the fly, since this can happen every 15 seconds.


Wow, the GUI is amazing. The things that are being done here are absolutely MASSIVE and so many people have yet to discover it.


Definetly a feature of parametric order books, can be implemented earlier if needed. how would you imagine it working from TLLP perspective?

However you prefer :slight_smile: Give me a socket, a memory map, a ProcessQueue or simply reparse the config file from time to time. I just need to tell the nubot that it must not place more than X NBT on the buy or sell side right now.

That s impressive, to say the least…
If nu shareholders can find a way to make liquidity provision a predictably profitable business (which i believe they will), your GUI will definitively democratize it.

Comment here and I’ll try to squeeze it into 0.3.1 :

The GUI in NuBot is very nice and highly desirable to attract new users. The merge of NuBot and TLLP would be awesome, but I can see that there are many hurdles to overcome given the different architectures of the two. Happy to be surprised though.

Looks impressive

Updated roadmap in view of recent changes and imminent release of 0.3.1

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I’m curious is @benjyz still part of NuBot development team?

Is project related to Nu, where @benjyz put his efforts lately?

Hi @Mark. I’m not on the NuBot team anymore. The collaboration in form of my contributing to NuBot ended 1 month ago. I was happy to be able to work on NuBot. is my private commerical project unrelated to Nubits. It is a centralised exchange which I have been working on and off for almost 2 years. I’ve used some of my code and experience for NuBot, e.g. a Bitcoin API in Java. Also centralised exchanges can learn some things from NuBits. Happy to discuss if there a other ways to collaborate in a new thread.

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Hi @benjyz . Sorry to hear this. I liked your work a lot.

I am wondering about the current status of NuBot’s development funding…and how it will be funded over the next months because this piece of software developed mainly by @desrever is essential to Nu.