NuBot development roadmap - From 0.1 to 1.0

In view of changed surrounding conditions, the roadmap of NuBot has been changed (OP edited) :

Short term priorities redefined, mid-term priorities adjusted, long-term targets compacted into undefined milestones.

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oh damn we’re at nubot as alp client? Hot dog! Any possibility for fixed-cost support?

I very much appreciate that!

You didn’t put that on the roadmap just because my headless raspi didn’t work with it?! :wink:

The new ALP server which NuBot will communicate with is designed for the fixed cost model.


hehe, I am typing a long message in another window, new thread(s) coming soon. With retrospect I should have published them all at the same time, but bear with me.

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I don’t know how to request a new page at
It might not hurt to have another entry at “NUBOT”:
“NuBot on a RaspberryPi (with Raspbian)”.
The link to “Using NuBot” on the docs didn’t work when I tried to prepare my RaspberryPi for NuBot, because the repositories don’t have the Java installers for Raspbian.

I think it might be easier to maintain the guides at But an update of the guide on bitbucket would to the trick as well.

I tracked the steps I made to have my RaPi run NuBot here:

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and I heard you back then : these steps are integrated in the official documentation :

(control +f raspberry )

Also, from there is a NuBot hyperlink that takes you to the of the repository which is always up-to-date.

Let me know if you think that could be improved

Damn - I didn’t check the official documentation again… my bad.
It looks great!

I think the last remark I appended to the gist is useful and could be included to the documentation:

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I installed 0.3.2. The GUI launcher does not launch when I click either on “import json file” or “configure from scratch”. I am on mac. Any idea?

EDIT: It is probably because I do not have nu installed :sweat_smile:

This thread is to discuss the roadmap . Please follow steps explained in setup tutorial.

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Feature Request:
Every x minutes, if the price has not changed (think fiat pegs) and the account has a balance on either the buy or sell side bigger than y (y can be hardcoded), replace all orders as if there was a bot restart.

is that to facilitate competition with multiple custodians, right? For volatile-pegs a similar system its already implement that introduce random sleep times after receiving a price shift suggestion from push service. For fiat, actually for USD, there is already an open ticket. Will prioritize it in the following version since it has been requested.

I don’t think that’s what I’m suggesting, kind of the opposite. I’m asking that every so often, even if there is no price shift suggestion, the bot replaces orders. So the thought came from this thread, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about:

Anyway, it sounds like y’all have recognized the problem in USD pegs. That makes sense, I’m sure you’ll figure it out there.

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I don’t see in roadmap a login screen in web browser with failed attempt lock and timer expiration.
It isn’t considered as a security issue?

it’s not a security issue, is just not there.

There is an open ticket on bb that has been opened some months ago

Not all details and open bug are in this strategic roadmap thread

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Feature request:
Consumable wall

Say I put up 2k on the consumable wall. For example, i have a balanced pool but i want to inject 2k nbt into the market. So i deposit 2k nbt to an already balanced nubot and want the 2k to be placed at a lower offset than the rest of the liquidity. If, say, 1k of it is sold, the wall is now 1k and does not replenish. The sold stuff goes to buy side at the regular offset. So only the 2k would get ‘injected’ (i.e. sold at a small offset) and only once. I could reset the consumable wall by restarting nubot.

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Will NuBot eventually (assuming continued development) support multiple exchanges, or should multiple instances be run?

That may suggest the latter.

As mentioned elsewhere (Release and support Chinese NuBits immediately), I have agreed to get NuBot ready for multi-currency support in light of that development taking place. The good news is that @desrever did a great job to date and much if the code for multi-currency support exists, it just hasn’t been wired into the logic as yet. My aim is to make the changes necessary and then test them. To that end I intend to spoof a very simple Nu client that just exposes the json rpc commands used by NuBot as well as a simple exchange API that allows me to “place orders” and reports “balances”. I’ll open source both those tools as they may be useful to others both inside and outside of Nu. I will report back here with my progress.

Beyond that, I still have the burn-api/USD gateway project underway. The gateway element needs me to verify my identity documents with OK pay in order to fully activate my account. Once that happens the purchase element will work (selling still needs a bit of work). For the burn api, the main portion of work to date has gone on an extensible blockchain parser and api which ensures that there is no coin daemon on the server that the user interacts with. My aim with the burn api is to provide an open api that can allow content providers to erect a pay wall and share in the proceeds made. A portion of the funds collected through the api will go to the content owner and the rest will be burned. That is my MVP but there are other use cases possible once the structure is in place. I believe it could create a want for NuBits as the token of payment.


I admire your dedication!
But please tell me, do you really want to spend your efforts on this project or would you rather see it implemented in a hard fork, in which revenue goes before ponzi?

If we setup 1-2% spread, Nu will not be a ponzi.