Nubits wallet, no active connections

Hi, i installed the nubits wallet on my windows computer and sent my usnbt to the wallet but over night they did not appear and now i see that there is no active connection s to Nu network. In debug window it also says current nr of blocks 0.
The wallet version is v5.3.0-beta
Im using windows 8.1 64 bit
Please help, i have no idea what to do, im not a very tech-savvy person. =/


Thanks for the help. I got the connection going now. The blocks are syncing. But its taking a long time (i downloaded the bootstrap file so its gonna take a day or two).

Should the usnbt transaction come through when the sync is done?

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Should the usnbt transaction come through when the sync is done?

Yes, you will see your coins in your wallet after syncronisation.

When syncronisation is done your computer is on a level to comunicate with the other computers in the network. At this stage you can receive and send coins and also mine Nushares with the wallet. Also check out, in your wallet you can now park Nubits and you will earn intrests by doing this.

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Thanks for the help guys. Do you know of any way to make the sync any faster? I cant keep my cpu on 24/7 because my girlfriend is loosing her mind with the noise… =)

Im currently at 40% after a couple days and its going much slower now than it was from 0-30%. So now im probably facing a week or more of this process probably. (since i also have to close the cpu once in a while) I thought the bootstrap file was gonna speed up the process so im wondering how long this would have taken WITHOUT the bootstrap.

Number of connections: 5
Current blocks ~1m
Estimated blocks: ~2,5m

Try to use a SSD harddrive. If you use the old magnetic recording ones it takes for me ages to download the blockchain. Also don’t use wifi, connect your machine straight with a cord to the internet this will also help to speed up your download. In the end, use a new linux operation system version instead of a contaminated windows 10 one. With a good internet connection it will take to download the blockchain for me approximately 75 hours.

Yes, i am using a SSD harddrive and 100M cable internet.

The download is going about 3-4 times slower now compared to the beginning.

Download complete. Thanks for the help.