Nubits wallet Bug

Park Section

  1. Amount to park:
  • I would like to have a button to park the whole import I have
  1. Approximated end:
  • unify the month year change option
  • choosing the month should change the year
  • General graphical style of the calendar
  • How could “approximated end” ask me for the hour and the seconds?
  1. Unpark address:
  • Icons too big without padding in between
  1. Estimated premium:
  • Wrong value calculated [I inserted 300 NBT for 6 months and It tells me I’ll receive 8.9052 NBT, but according to the table on the right I should receive the 6% that is 18 (300*0.06)]
  1. Right Table:
  • it’s possible to modify each cell’s data. It shouldn’t
  1. I don’t think it would be safe to have a button that selects a users entire balance. I’ve already submitted an issue to display the current NuBits balance on the park dialog page. That should make it easier to decide how much someone would like to park.

  2. I’m going to propose quite a few changes to simplify the parking screen in a different direction. I would actually like to see a removal of having to set a specific approximate end. Rather, you would use a drop down menu to select from one of the available duration which have a rate set on it. I think that would simplify the menu a lot, and would remove having to use a calendar widget at all.

  3. Client styles and icons will be getting a lot of extra love over the next couple of weeks. Agreed they could be much better than now :smile:

  4. The premium is based on an Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Since you are not parking for a full year the value is only half of what you’re expecting. You have to adjust your calculation from APR to monthly interest. For instance, we can use the calculator here to convert that .06 to the monthly equivalent of .005. So the calculation for your 6 months at 6% is ((300*.005)*6), which gives us around 9 NuBits. It’s easier to spot given your example, since you expected 18 and it only displayed half that because you parked half a year. We need to express that it is an APR more clearly in the client. Hopefully we can have this resolved by the next release.

  5. Agreed. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release.

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  1. What am I supposed to write if I have 298.435734989 NBT?
    Mintpal as well allow the user to select the entire balance just with a click, and meanwhile I don’t see the danger.
    Select the entire amount doesn’t mean that this will be locked, I have to confirm it by clicking the OK button, so…
    PS: Is it possible to unpark? My bank for instance allow me to unpark my money, end they simply pay me for the time I left the money parked.

  2. Agree, we are not going to book a flight :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. <3

  4. Ok, now I understand. As UX (I’m probably not the only that misunderstood) maybe is good to only write the percentage for 6 Month ( 6.1 must be included in the yearly parking, isn’t it)

  5. :wink:


Fair points on 1. Maybe this would be good to implement.

You cannot manually unpark. You must wait for the duration to expire. I’m not sure this is something that will change. There are a lot of implications to the design if that were removed. Interesting idea to think about further though.

Fair points. Especially about the APR, I would also like to see an adjusted rate in the client.

We should add a default option “unpark in @CoinGame wallet”

After I parked I found that there was a transaction fee and it was more than the interest. It would be nice if the user is warned.

Now a real bug: when you hover the pointer above the “unpark address” input box you get a tip that makes you guess which dialog box was used as a template to write the +park box :smile:

Doh… I’ve posted an issue. Hopefully we can prevent that in the future.

We’ll fix the tooltip too :stuck_out_tongue: