NuBits v5.0.1 64bit .deb Debian Install Package (Community)

I made a .deb debian install package for myself and friends, figured I’d offer it to the community as well. This package is made using the 64-bit nu & nud binaries provided by the official site’s download link. I’ve also included icon & menu integration (enabling you to favorite the application etc). Package is signed by my public key which can also be found on my repository.

Link: (Installation Instructions in ReadMe)

Direct link:

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Thank you for offering this package.

I recommend caution when using software from unknown sources. Especially if it requires root rights to install them as opposed to the original software, which can just be unzipped.

Original Nu client for reference:

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Yea, I definitely agree with everything ConfusedObserver said! Obviously anyone is more than welcome to examine this package. The binaries haven’t been touched, there’s no hidden scripts etc… Installation from the official isn’t difficult, but this is definitely easier for Ubuntu/Debian users. Plus, I added integration for desktop menus if anyone cared to have it. Of course, if any debian/ubuntu users want to integrate Nu desktop menus and don’t want to use this deb package (or just already have it installed) you can look @ the installed files list on the package to see where the .desktop file & icon are placed. If anyone has questions you can find me on the NuNetwork gitter or via (xmpp) & (email).


Thank you for your understanding.
I didn’t mean to ride roughshod over your efforts and appreciate your open-minded approach to my comment.
There has just been a little to much theft (only over a billion NSR here, some BTC there) at Nu not to issue a warning in case someone offers software.
No harm meant!

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