NuBits/USD gateway

NuBits idea is all about $1 peg, but there is no NBT/USD liquid gateway. Why so?
Without that the only function NBT currently fulfills is to hedge BTC trading eg at Poloniex and BitTrex.
NuShares rate shows it is not enough, but I have not noticed any ideas to correct the situation.

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no one code it

No major fiat exchange is currently supports us-nbt. Hopefully this will change in the future
although exchanges look into supporting hype coins in order to get a quick and huge profit.

waves CEO have a exchange site with Fiat

It has just not been created, but it’s not like there’s no awareness for the need of it:


It should not necessarily be the major, eg CEX.IO has quite convenient way to deposit fiats with VISA/Master cards.
And what about HitBTC, with its bank transfer options:


Well, us-nbt/fiat pair has some technical difficulties.
IMO, we will need an exchange with a huge btc/fiat liquidity in order to setup a working us-nbt/fiat pair.
Moreover, fiat and anonymity cannot co-exist! We have to use BTC as a medium!

in this case NuBits even theoretically won’t be #1 crypto :slight_smile:

and what is the status of B&C market?

This market won’t help solving the NBT/fiat problem. Fiat is not possible on B&C.

We arent trying to be the #1 crypto. Just the #1 stable crypto. We will always need a counterparty, our intent is to spread it out over many cryptos. We use what payment providers we can, and most are connected to btc.

I agree we should focus more on hitBTC. It’s really a shame that we dont provide more liquidity there.


Transactions between Nubits and fiat dn’t happen as often as nbt-crypto because there is little speculation value in nbt/fiat prices. So nbt/fiat volume is inherently smaller. But I agree that for this reason exchanges are less interested in nbt/fiat pairs.
That is why I suggest

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can you see the different price of BTC between USD and CNY ?