Nubits tx: Signing (offline) & broadcasting (online)

While we don’t have SPV multiplatform Nubits clients yet in order to make 1st use easy and fast for newcomers (Coinomi and Nudroid may become good with that in the future)…

As a measure of security: Is it possible to generate, sign tx offline in one machine (cold storage) in order to broadcast it online in another (connected) machine?

Are we able to do it today with our current tools?

If so, how would it be?

I’m preparing a grant which would provide NuDroid with an instant start. No more syncing at the start. Stay tuned.

Not aware of any developments to implement SPV for NuBits.
Can’t answer your question about off-line signing, others might.

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Although I don’t have the technical abilities to explain why, I remember it’s related to the fact that the Nu blockchain is secured by PoS; SPV and PoS don’t get along with each other.
Maybe somebody with in-depth knowledge can verify or falsify that.

Yes. Cointoolkit, or even just forging raw txns using rpc in your wallet.


Thanks Nagalim for mentioning Cointoolkit.

I didn’t know about it.

I’m gonna run some tests with it…

Here’s a guide for it. If you knew that it exists, you’d find it easily. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to put a link here :wink:

Thx masterOfDisaster,

I’ve already found that thread before and even asked ttutdxh permission to promote this useful tool at my list of paper wallets and brainwallets here:

It really shoud be more noticed since it works like an efficient client-side wallet for all Peershares/Nu coins/shares.