NuBits transaction missing from web explorer but shows in online wallets

I sent a nubits deposit to my bittrex address but it is not showing up. It shows if you use an online wallet but not on web explorer I have tried with both windows client and coinomi. They both show nubits deposit to my bittrex receive address but web explorer doesn’t show transaction.
Status: 6 confirmations
Date: 8/22/2017 01:42
To: B9BcV3FQJvVcdJvkeD3yD8DsM8TWww5NTU
Debit: -399.367 US-NBT
Transaction fee: -0.05 US-NBT
Net amount: -399.417 US-NBT
Transaction ID: a9d9365c1e21b6839a194579151de4248d282ebe26c52e6c1a0243cc5be5b89d

The block in which your transaction was included became orphaned, meaning another chain was later chosen. Your funds remain on the address you sent from.

@Cybnate, @woolly_sammoth: What’s the procedure with NuBits’ desktop wallet to reset the balance? Restart, rescan, or reset?

Hi, today for the first time I have this kind of issue. More then 6 hours ago I sent a transaction with ID: 5a3ea0d37d32dbd2f84e25d7123910e5cf519a2d021de47a3491395cc0bfc7ea from my NU wallet to my Bittrex account. Unfortunately my Nubits address in the exchange is not credited yet. I searched the transaction in both explorers and but it is still missing. I need some info and some assistance to solve the issue.

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Rescan should do it. Using “Checkwallet” in the debug window is a good starting point.


nud -unit=B -rescan

When that doesn’t work you can try to download an older blockchain from before the transaction and let the wallet catch-up. That would certainly fix it.

See my email above to ensure your transaction went through and was not caught in an orphaned block.
When it didn’t, you will have your funds back in your wallet after a rescan.

Edit: just saw that Bittrex reports that they are over 600 minutes without a block. Something else appears to be not right.

The above issues are like related to this: