NuBits trading pair added to

Looks like the first New Zealand exchange for @Cybnate and company! Exchange will be added to once we have verification that trading is active.


Thank you tomjoad for the announcement, yes we are a brand new exchange based in New Zealand.

We currently have a few currency pairs active for trading, Nubits being one of them! If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to get ahold of us on here, or through our support system on our website and we will do our best to answer all your questions.

Currently we only support BTC Markets but we are working on adding Fiat markets (NZD first) and are awaiting approval/going through the legal process.

You can follow us on Twitter: for all our latest updates and we will try and keep this thread updated also!

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Thanks for the intro @BitKiwi and welcome.
I’ll add a ticket to the NuBot repo to develop a wrapper for your API. I look forward to having a play with it.


The symbol of bitkiwi is pretty similar to the :

Sounds great woolly_sammoth, if you have any issues let us know and we can try and help!

Do you have plans to remove XPY market from your exchange?

Currently we don’t have any plans for changing any of the markets.

Although we are open to feedback and requests, so depending on what the rest of the community says things may change.

I hate this rotating loading symbol whatever that means. so many exchanges have it. are they abased on the same software? In that case I’m not surprised they get hacked all the time.

Their API suggests that they’ve forked Peatio. They don’t reference it anywhere directly (that I can find), like Bitspark does at the bottom of their exchange home page, but it’s an MIT licensed code base so I’m pretty sure that they aren’t required to post it publicly, just that the license gets kept with the installation.

We use Peatio for our NuBot development testing and have been pretty happy with how it works. The Peatio dev team is very active and they’ve had a recent security audit by Sakurity.

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Thats correct Ben, we are running a modified/customized version of Peatio as the back end for Bit-Kiwi.

The recent security audit also provides comfort for all users that things are sound and secure. We are always updating and improving as we go though. We also have a bug bounty available if any bugs were found too!

Same software leads to same vulnerabilities that in turn lead to same exploits. Since virtual currency exchanges are at high risk of hacking to begin with, using the same software is asking for trouble. What if someone slips in a plausible fat finger bug in the Peatio’s repository? Then all exchanges update their software and boom — people lose their coins.

So, if Kiwi has a modified and audited code then I guess they are good to go. I just don’t like the default layout and design of Peatio’s exchange and seeing it in so many places is becoming increasingly disturbing.

You have a valid point there Hyena. Although we have forked from Peatio’s Repository around the time the security audit was performed/fixed and have customised ourselves from there on.

Any changes to Peatio’s repository does not effect our platform in anyway as they are not linked and any code has to manually added or changed by us.

So in essence if any bad code was published to Peatio it would not effect us, unless we manually added it ourselves and we have a strenuous auditing/developing process that would prevent this from happening.

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My own personal take on this is that I’d rather see an exchange use Peatio, well, than roll their own software, poorly.

In either case the exchange operator needs to be able to understand all of the intricacies of the code they are working with, but at least with an open source framework like Peatio, more eyes are on it.

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We have also planned to get another independent audit from a reputable third party to audit the customizations we have done with our code also.

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Just some feedback assuming you are operational:

  1. The deposit address is a NuShares address not a NuBits address (S vs B address)
  2. Refreshing the deposit address didn’t work for me.

Hope you can fix those items soon. It stops me from doing any further testing.

@BitKiwi - Please make sure you’ve read though these integration documents before you get too far along.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. I’ve set up our internal instance of Peatio to work with NSR and NBT so I’m pretty comfortable working with the configuration files.

The issue has been fixed, we had been connecting to the correct port but the rpcport was set in the nu.conf file by accident.

If you already have an account and wish to deposit Nubit you will have to create another account until we fix the problem of not being able to generate an address if it hasn’t been used.

Hmm, not great. I couldn’t find an option to delete my account and I’m not keen to have two accounts, maybe I’d better wait until you fixed the problem of generating another address if it hasn’t been used.

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Sorry @Cybnate we were meaning in the short term until we had enough time to debug and test code before implementing in the live exchange.

The issue has been fixed, you will need to log in and out of your account to receive the new address though. Thanks for the heads up guys!

Ok, that worked. Got a new valid address and transferred a small amount a while ago. But nothing in my account till now. Something still stuck somewhere apparently. Here are the details from my wallet:

Status: 177 confirmations, broadcast through 7 nodes
Date: 14/03/2015 18:01
To: Bitkiwi test B6FSXqNJnh6Zo4Jbo9A7sA6Jk61MoZYP9c
Debit: -1.1667 NBT
Transaction fee: -0.01 NBT
Net amount: -1.1767 NBT
Transaction ID: 9ab9f19781637ecf1e5bf1ac606fcc2410d737bf5b2e44affca548af555a7991