NuBits to Coinomat

I don’t know how NuBits is being pushed to new exchanges.
But is heavily involved with NXT. They provide a service like shapeshift/coinbase.
Coinomat also allows deposits/withdraws via wire and to debit/credit cards. It would offer a new venue to trade NBT for USD/EUR and get money in and out of the market via wire.

You can vote for coins to be added and NuBits is on the list…way down though.
You can upvote NBT for 0.0005 BTC.

There was a thread here about coinomat. It has been contacted before but declined to support nbt because it has its own coinoUSD.

They do coinoUSD and bitUSD, why not NBT? We could get to position #2 on the list by throwing in ~150 NBT.

They are in the PEGs motion contact list. judging from coinmarketcap volume rank, coinoUSD isn’t quite successful. Didn’t know it supported bitusd.

Yes, they have Coino, but that has little volume.
Since they picked up bitUSD, you’d think they be amenable to NBT considering it would just add volume to their exchange.

So, it looks like crypti is going to win August. Maybe we can revisit this late next month?