NuBits Roadmap

Does NuBits have a public roadmap?

We don’t have one right now, but we will eventually.

Just wanted to say I would like to see a public roadmap too. It would be easier to know which directions NuBits is focusing on and where there is more room for development.

I was thinking that nubits is THE ideal coin for decentralized exchanges. It is like you have fiat in those exchanges which is not possible!
Do any schedules or thoughts exist about this?
Perhaps this kind of exchange can be build inside nubit wallet or in mastercoin or counterparty
even in a ppc sidechain when available :smile:

What decentralized exchanges did you have in mind? The dev team is very interested in OpenTransactions and OpenBazaar, but there are probably a lot more in development to also investigate.

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I would look at , open source and very promising.

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Too bad I can’t get it running. It looks very promising. I will just look back into it in a few weeks, hoping it will build correctly then.

We still do not have any public roadmap?
This is important.
Can someone clarify.
This is connected to this thread.

Please ty again with the current release: