Nubits price NBT/PPC at CCEDK blocked?

Is there just so little price volatility of PPC or is the bot at CCEDK stuck (buy/sell 0.94597156/0.94976303)?

all is blocked bter and ccedk and this always happend when there is a good pump or dump so it make you miss the trade

I don’t know when exactly it was fixed, but it must have been some hours ago.
It would simply be strange to have a significantly higher ppc/nbt rate at ccedk than ppc/usd rates at other exchanges…
…at least as long as nbt/usd rate is 1!
Until the NuBot has matured a bit more I think it is useful to observe and report :wink:

the bots are stuck !! btc/nbt in bter and ccedk