Nubits payment option from Danish Bitcoin exchange offering Bitcoin Debit NanoCard, issued by MasterCard

thanks for the comments. I have passed it on to the devs. waiting for their response.

Danish exchange to build a bridge between #bitcoin users and MasterCard-enabled merchants worldwide!

Danish Exchange #CCEDK launches MasterCard #bitcoin #debitcard – Bitcoin Magazine #cryptocurrency

Nubits DebitCard NanoCard MasterCard coming soon? #NuShares #cryptocurrency #altcoins #CCEDK @OfficialNuBits


I’ve tested on a different computer (FF 37.0.2 on Linux) and no certificate issues appear.
It looks like a problem on my side with FF 38.0.5 (portable edition) on Windows.
Sorry for making such a fuss.

I restarted my FF 37.0.2 on win7 and the problem went away.

Got my card this Friday.

“At this very moment we’re working on other features such as adding new
cryptos and haven’t started the card activation process yet.” — CCEDK


Hello jooize,

Good to hear you received the card.

As mentioned on our nanocard webpage on CCEDK:

integration of the card to be fully up and running via CCEDK is planned for the month of June, and in media I believe is mentioned middle of June, so all is going according to plan more or less.

Our backend as well as our frontline devs are running a tight schedule with constant development in mind, and the integration of the Nanocard is of great importance, however, still only a part of our constant array of new features and offers introduced on CCEDK in May and coming months.

Bit-X is our partner in this, and anyone ordering the card on CCEDK under my funds prior to our own integration will have it sent from Bit-X, as mentioned on the webpage as well. You may then decide to wait to activate untill we have this facility on CCEDK, or you may activate already now doing so on Bit-x website, details also mentioned on our Nanocard webpage.

I might note also that no fees apart from cost of card and delivery by airmail, a total of btc 0,10 are deducted from your account untill you decide to activate the card either on Bit-x, or on CCEDK sometime in June.

Only first 10000 registered users are offered the monthly fee of 0,02 btc waiwered for life, so it is advised to order the card as soon as possible if you want to be without this cost!

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing

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Can the card be activated (be used) yet? @ronny

It appears as it’s already working:

I activated my card at BIT-X. The “Bind card” tab on CCEDK is still unavailable for me, so I don’t know.

Confirmed working via BIT-X though!

Yes, we are still not up and activated on CCEDK, but as mentioned it has been possible since we went out with the card that it was possible to activate on bit-x untill we are ready, and as additional information, is that it will not cost anything extra once you decide to move the funds onto CCEDK instead when we are up and running and fully integrated.

sorry for slight delay in answer @masterOfDisaster

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No Offense!
I was just trying to help by providing links to posts which I remembered as being related with that topic :smile:

I appreciate your efforts in recreating a reliable partnership between Nu an CCEDK and I appreciate your support.
You could very well just point to CCEDK’s official support system.
Thanks for working hard to make up for the things that went pear-shaped, I really mean it! :beers:


No problem there, and thanks. I always try to do my best even when others feels its not, but thta’s the way i like it.

this nanocard still offers no monthly fee?
i mean, if i order ti today i will be in the first 10000?

It still applies yes, We have some big news coming end of this week maybe early next with reduced fees and changed limits, alltogether better user conditions, so u might want to wait as well a few more days if you like. thanks

Anyone already ordered will be offered same conditions, there will however be a choice of further improvement for the ones who choose this option. More news will follow.

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