Nubits on BarterDex exchange

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I’m new here and have not caught up.

Has anyone looked into integrating Nubits into the Komodo BarterDex platform. It’s a decentralized exchange.


I agree, we rely too much on central exchanges, if we get delisted it could be game over. Anyhow welcome and sorry my fellow forum mates haven’t replied sooner.

Acredito que sim! Mas está ocorrendo tudo dentro do prazo ja estabelecido por ela.

Can the Nubits team please look into getting Nubits added to the Komodo Barterdex. It will help save Nubits.

Adding new coins to BarterDEX just got easier.
Any new coin add request now ONLY has to go to this repository:
Take example from existing coins list and make sure to have your submissions in proper format.
See this