NuBits Merchant Badges Full Set for Download

The NuBits badges are now complete. You can download them here…

There is a small and large set inside the download. Are you going to display these on the Resources page? If you only make the set available to download as a zip file, I think you’ll lower the amount of people who will use them. If they’re all displayed somehow though, then people will be able to see them without needing to download and they would only need to right click on the ones they like and hit save picture as. Just something to think about. That’s why I provided both a download link and listed all the images through Imgur in this thread…


@Sentinelrv , can you post an NBT donation address? I’d like to send you something for your effort.


Although I’d like to have more NuShares instead, I think only Jordan can do that. Here you go. :smile:


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/nutip 10 @Sentinelrv

I wish the above command worked. Had to do it manually :smile:


Thanks and hopefuly these badges are used by people.

We can probably get them displayed on the site somewhere. For now I’ve added them to this small branding website that I’ve been using. Others may find it useful as well.