NuBits mentioned in article about ShapeShift and Ripple



One currency isn’t working with Ripple at this point: NuBits. NuBits is a cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar that has done a commendable job of keeping its value around that. We have been told the compatability issue is because the exchange ShapeShift uses for its Ripple transactions doesn’t accept NuBits yet and the exchange(s) they use for NuBits don’t accept Ripple. We are told that they are working on a back-end solution to this.

It’s nice to see journalists beginning to pay attention to the stability that NuBits has achieved over the past four months! Please consider making a comment under the article in support of NuBits and ShapeShift.


I think a lot of people may be holding out their judgement on Nu to see if we can maintain our current track record, after all this is a brand new concept in the crypto world. As time goes on, a lot more people will become convinced, realize that we’re on to something here and ultimately join us.

Are you the same Excelsior from PeercoinTalk? Just wondering.

If other projects duplicate Nu, it will be a testament to the effectiveness of Jordan’s design. If other projects introduce alternative competing stable-value designs, it will strengthen the competitive space and add legitimacy and publicity to what we’re already doing.

I’m always surprised to read such pessimistic views of our current adoption. We are not even four months old and have already spent the majority of our time in the top 10 (or five, or even two on some days) of trading volume. If someone would have told me on our release day that NuBits would be used that much, and NuShares would already be worth $0.01 at this point, I would have been ecstatic.

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