Nubits linux/ubuntu (Re)installation script

Inside the tarball is a script Ive made for easy installation/reinstallation.
It uses zenity, a easy configurable GUI for most interactions. I dont know if it is portable beyond ubuntu/debian. It might be “unclean” in terms of coding mannerisms, but it works. I included my december torrent file of the nu block chain, but I only coded the script to open up the transmission torrent program. I imagine case/esac could be coded to select a correct torrent program that the user has, but I made it quick and dirty and others can add onto it.
Just drag the files I provided into the “nu-5.3.0-linux-gitian” folder and run the “” script via terminal. It isnt too intensive at 139 lines.
I imagine it could be ported to java, or individually coded for each system (batch for windows).
If you need more comments to fully explain the script, just let me know.
For implementation, I suggest creating a new torrent each time a new release is made, and drop the script into the install folder, making installation quick for new users.
I couldnt upload the tarball to the forum because of file restraints, so here’s an outside link:
I am not an “official” nubits developer, software is release “as is”, you can’t hold me liable for running code you dont understand or dont read [please virus scan and verify], feel free to do what you will with the code.