NuBits is in the top 3 of trading today (Dec 27) with over $1,000,000 in volume

Great work everyone. I have plans next week to begin the initial stages of some Stage 2 marketing activities, which will involve preparations for more active business development. 2015 will be the year of Nu.


The Nu block explorer is showing only a fraction of this amount: around $20k in the last 24 hours. Since these ~ $1M worth of Nubits are not moving through the network, it seems they must be piling up in user accounts on the exchanges.


Does anyone know offhand what the typical exchange volume to transaction volume ratio is for Bitcoin?

It should be pretty easy to calculate, but if there is a resource that can be accessed, even better.

Impressive, let us keep up the good work, always trying to improve ourselves in a KAIZEN fashion.

It’s not too difficult to calculate the ratio for nubits using ccedk’s exported trade history of one of the LPC account.

I’m just looking for comparative measures for Nu vs. other digital currencies.


Tx-trade-ratio or Speculation Index
And this article is referenced with the chart

awesome stuff, we are featured on the homepage of cryptocoincharts !

I think this is the first time NBT’s volume has been over $500k for a week straight.