Nubits in the Deep Web

Over the past 6 months I have educated myself a lot in the field of I2P Anonymous Network. I have developed several proof of concept tools that allow proxying TCP connections over the I2P P2P network to a hidden service. It works! I just established an SSH connection from my PC to my laptop that I left running in a different city 200km away from me in a corporate network. Both of the machines are firewalled on the ISP level.

Since nubits is also a decentralized and quite anonymous corporation, I2P could turn useful in our context. The question is — do we have any needs to be somehow represented in the I2P network? Perhaps we could establish a council of nushareholders for private conversations on the I2P network? The good thing about TCP over I2P is that everything is encrypted by nature even if the conversation data is in plaintext.

We might not have needs for higher anonymity and privacy right now but when we start doing more business to grow our revenue such a need may arise. In addition, I2P could turn useful by providing an additional layer of anonymity to nushareholders that are actively minting nushares. I suppose right now it is possible for the LEs to track down nushareholders by sniffing packets on the ISP level. If we could configure nud to establish its connections over the I2P it would neutralize such threats.

If a need arises to incorporate I2P with NuBits in some sense then I can offer myself as a developer or advisor to work something out.