NuBits Hardware Wallet

Because NuBits will be the currency of choice for everyday use (microtransactions), it could be useful to have a fool proof solution to hold them, and be able to spend them securely even from an unsecure system. Trezor provides this functionality for Bitcoin. First I was interested in added Peercoin/Primecoin support for Trezor. Now that does not seem like a priority anymore, because NuBits support would be more valuable.

Trezor wants to add other coin support in the future, what is the opinion of NuBits developers about this?


Hi @irritant,
this is not the first time I read a similar proposal! Trezor has done an excellent job at it. However, isn’t trezor mainly for cold storage?

Are they actively seeking other cryptos to add?

yes, and yes.
perfect for NBT right? (Not really for NSR)

Trezor device has already support for various altcoins. The problem is
surrounding infrastructure; even Litecoin team was unable to give us proper
support tools to integrate Litecoin into myTrezor. However altcoin support is
one of things we’ll work right after we start Trezor eshop and things settle
down a bit.