NuBits Future Report and Jobs

Most of the recent developments have progressed without necessarily being reported publicly, and I’m sure many would enjoy knowing more about the general direction even as I hope it is obvious I care a lot for the future of NuBits. List below isn’t exhaustive, but should give some insight to the way I’m moving us forward.

  1. Exchange recruitment. NuBits must be available for sale, and we need NuShares listed on large exchanges.
  2. Designer for logos that can determine colors that match existing logos and relate with each country. South Korean and Japanese NuBits (KRNBT and JPNBT).
  3. Developers for core client, protocol, automated trading, wallet improvement, etc…
  4. Marketing. Get us out there! We’re relevant for many parts of the world. US NuBits, Chinese NuBits, South Korean NuBits, Japanese NuBits, and NuShares. We want to be seen everywhere NuBits can be useful.
  5. NuBits explained to every demography. Consumers, traders, investors, merchants, ….
  6. Presentations and graphical representations of how NuBits works. Infographs, explainer videos, etc…
  7. Website refresh. Content only has to quickly describe and sell the obviously useful idea NuBits.
  8. Interface designer with strong merits in UX for new NuBits Wallet Web/Desktop/Mobile. First let’s make a web wallet presumably based on Cointoolkit that can run locally or online. Later natively designed apps for major platforms.
  9. Integration with cryptocurrency services for e-commerce and banks with crypto debit cards.
  10. Mobile security developer for strong wallet implementations utilizing modern technologies. Secure key management on phone accompanied by user interface on desktop? Send money via message platforms.

I’m still focusing on establishing a group of contractors in the Vancouver area where we would meet in person to further the goals of shareholders. Unrelated issues crop up on the way as should always be expected, slowing the process down. Our best chances of getting to Vancouver lie in collaborating with MLG Blockchain to some degree. They’re eager to facilitate many of the needs in realizing the Canada project.

Finally, while I’m happy with my role in NuBits there is always the possibility of handing over certain responsibilities to anyone who convinces us they’re a better fit. I have many different ways to contribute.


Good News! Any info for B&C?


After so long is it so hard hiring those two senior C++ developers?

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