[Nubits Explorer] Net::err_cert_date_invalid

Nubits explorer has crashed NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID . Nubits’ operating costs seem to have dried up due to the absence of Phoenix for almost 1 year, Nubits under $1 for more than 4 years.

  • Will nubits declare closure instead of continuing operations? because it looks like it’s silently closed now.
  • Will Nubits regain confidence that it will always be 1$ and no other problems (if the peg is restored) ?
  • Will if Nubits become active again, their members won’t disappear again as they are now?
  • What is the current Nubits belief and attraction?

I think a lot of people holding Nubits at the moment have the same question as me.

Only certificate expired, explorer still works. Not great to let it expire though, but can be fixed relatively quickly for free or low costs. Probably more a problem of resources having access and fixing these things imo.

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As noted in the other thread I offered to pay the hosting costs. No one followed up.


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